Greener Pastures In Javascript Thanks To React

05 Jan 2016

At work we use Backbone.js combined with the good old jQuery. I never felt it was an awesome technology combination, because you never get clearer code: a click on selector-A triggers a change in selector-B, wired by jQuery. The bigger the application, the larger the number of moving pieces and the indirection. The MVC idea behind Backbone doesn’t help solving the problem above, and developers abuse Views for every JS snippet in sight.

There’s a lot of activity in the JS world nowadays, and one library that caught my interest was React. I tend to follow the don’t be an early adopter, let things settle, and React has been around for a while long enough, so I found this last Christmas break a perfect opportunity to learn more about it and prepare a company internal presentation.

Have a look at my enlightenment journey into FR&R.