Learning some Go: the Rosetta Stone

18 Apr 2020

The Rosetta Stone is a black granite slab that was carved with the same text in 3 different languages, around the year 196 BC. These languages were Ancient Greek, Demotic Egyptian and Egyptian hieroglyphs. The latter was never understood until the stone was discovered for the western civilisation.

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The illusion of TDD

17 Mar 2017

In my view, TDD has become a mirage, an illusion. Something that everybody claim they do or see, but doesn’t actually exist.

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Make It Work Make It Pretty

09 Sep 2016

Recently I’ve noticed how priorities are a bit broken when comes to writing software. I’ve seen many smart engineers fall into this over and over. The problem is when these priorities mix with very vocal people with big egos, you can’t help but sadly watch the project fail.

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Webpack As Build Tool

25 Aug 2016

I’ve been recently exploring the node.js ecosystem and I found webpack to be a very powerful tool to compile your site assets. Yes, it’s what Sprockets does, but a lot more.

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Swift Is Like Ruby

27 May 2016

Few weeks ago I started learning a bit of Swift and iOS development. Swift is a really nice language and easy to pick up if you already know JavaScript, Ruby, Python et al.

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Greener Pastures In Javascript Thanks To React

05 Jan 2016

At work we use Backbone.js combined with the good old jQuery. I never felt it was an awesome technology combination, because you never get clearer code: a click on selector-A triggers a change in selector-B, wired by jQuery. The bigger the application, the larger the number of moving pieces and the indirection. The MVC idea behind Backbone doesn’t help solving the problem above, and developers abuse Views for every JS snippet in sight.

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Unleash your AJAX requests with CORS

17 Apr 2014

Cross-origin resource sharing, or CORS, is a mechanism that allows AJAX requests to circumvent their same origin limits.

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Session storage and security in Rails

14 Jan 2014

One of the keys of Rails’ success is that provides a full stack where you can start from. This awesome full stack, as any other piece of engineering, was built upon design decisions. You take them for granted, and when you code on Rails, you assume that decisions others have taken for themselves are good for you too.

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Default Encoding For Rails 2

05 Aug 2013

With the release of Ruby 2.0 the default encoding for files is UTF-8. Thus you no longer need to prepend the magic encoding string to every .rb source file

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Elimina Espacios Sobrantes En Una Cadena

17 Feb 2012

Elimina los espacios duplicados sustituyéndolos por un único espacio, y elimina los del principio y el final.

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Aceleración GPU Para Video Flash

19 Jul 2011

No es ningún descubrimiento nuevo afirmar que Flash es un devorador de recursos y que está hecho para Windows, con un port para Linux bastante descuidado.

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Replace Underscores By Spaces In Filenames

10 Jul 2011

Handy oneliner to replace all underscores in filenames by spaces:

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